Week 1 Day 1

Drill 1: Climbing Endurance / Power Endurance

5 problems (half max(twice), quarter max(twice), half max(twice), quarter max(twice), half max(twice))
Time: 1-2 Hours

Warm up, then do 10 problems in a row, alternating between 1/2 your max, and 1/4 of your max. (Ex. If your top send is V8, your 1/2 is V4, your 1/4 is V2. Do each problem twice.)

  • Why: Doing each problem twice in the set will help build endurance, which is what this drill is about.
  • How: You have your 5 problems picked out. Do your first twice (the half max), then move to your quarter max, and do it twice. Continue until you have done all 5 problems twice. Then rest for 10 minutes
  • Sets: 3-6 total (Sets will be based off time restraints and physical state,
    i.e. if you’re physically unable to do more than 3 sets, etc.)
  • Rest: 10 Minutes


Drill 2: Cardio

Time: 30-45 Minutes

You can do a combination of jogging and fast walking if this is too much jogging.
The purpose of the run is to increase overall fitness. Your muscles are going to
be tired from all the climbing. With this being Day 1 there is no need to go into
any cross training or intense circuit training. Let this run be easy and fun. We are
prepping you for 6 weeks – not just a day.

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